Meet your DASA Executive Committee: Member-at-Large

This January, DASA elected a new Executive Committee to lead South Africa's efforts. In a series of posts, we'll introduce you to each of the new officers. Today, we'll meet one of two Members-at-Large, Elizabeth.

If you have any questions, or if you're interested in pitching in, please contact us at [email protected]


Having served informally as the DASA Country Leader for the 2020 US Election, I’m thoroughly enjoying the positive community spirit that has developed through DASA! I’m happy that we now have an elected Exco and that we’re formalising DASA again so we can play an ongoing role in the years ahead. I’m originally from Goshen, CT and vote there. I’ve lived in Joburg for 26 years. I know many of us feel a responsibility to build on the momentum the election has created. Together we can support the Biden-Harris administration and contribute to positive change in the US. I am particularly interested in finding ways for us to work together to push for and contribute toward racial justice, in its greatest sense, back home.