DE Saxony 2021 Election

DA Germany Saxony 2021 Elections



Chair:  Kaitlyn Kennedy

Vice-Chair:  Antar Keith

Secretary:  Colleen Allen-Funk

Treasurer:  Anika Kreckel

Comms Coordinator:  Kevin Lyle

Events Coordinator: VACANT

GOTV Coordinator:  Stephanie Lake

Press Coordinator:  Anya Leonhard



All DA Germany chapters hold elections for new officers in the first quarter of every odd-number year.

The DA Germany Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee oversees the full process.

You must be present to vote.  Online attendance is considered present.   Please RSVP for the meeting so we know how many people plan to attend.

Election Rules

The election rules are defined in the DA Germany By-Laws and the DA Germany Chapter Election Rules.  

2021 Election Time

Date:  Sunday February 7

Meeting Start Time:  14:00

Election Start Time:  14:30

RSVP Link:  Click Here

Note that the RSVP confirmation will include the link for the on-line meeting.   Please be sure to save it.

Elected Positions

The chapter will be electing officers for the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Comms Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • GOTV Coordinator
  • Press Coordinator

Click here to read the job descriptions.

Please note that per DA rules, the Chair and Vice-Chair must be of different gender.   Gender rules do not apply to any other positions.

Nomination Process

Any member of the chapter can self-nominate or be nominated by any other member of the relevant chapter of DA Germany. All nominees must have been a member of DA Germany for at least 28 days prior to the election date and also must be a member of the chapter.

The cutoff for nominations is 14 days prior to the election.   Click here for the nomination form.

Each nominee must confirm they are willing to serve.   They will be given an opportunity to submit a candidate statement and up to 3 endorsement letters.

Additional nominations will be accepted on the day of the election but the nomination will require a second from another DA member of the chapter for the candidate to be added to the ballot.


Here is the list of candidates.   Click on their name to pull up a pdf with their candidate statement.


Kaitlyn Kennedy


Antar Keith

Anika Kreckel


Colleen Allen-Funk

Chelsea Burris


Anika Kreckel

Comms Coordinator:

Kevin Lyle

Events Coordinator:

Anya Leonhard

GOTV Coordinator:

Anika Kreckel

Stephanie Lake

Press Coordinator:

Anya Leonhard



If you have any questions, you can send to the Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee at [email protected]