November 24, 2015

Democratic Candidate Focus: Hillary Clinton

An important figure in American politics for over 20 years, Hillary Clinton arrived on the political scene in 1992 alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, with the promise of becoming a forceful partner in his administration.


Hillary Clinton has an impressive list of “firsts”: first woman to be named a full partner at “Rose Law Firm” in Little Rock; the First Lady of Arkansas during Bill’s five terms as governor; first US First Lady to have a postgraduate degree and her own office in the West Wing of the White House; first US First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to take on a prominent role in policy making; first wife of a US President to run for national office; first female Senator from New York, and the first former First Lady to serve in a presidential cabinet – as Secretary of State. Mrs. Clinton now has nearly 100% name recognition, as well as a base of support among working-class women, but because the public is well acquainted with her personal history and her record, that makes it hard for her to change the minds of voters who dislike her.

Typically Americans living abroad judge their candidates in three ways: the positions they take on issues which affect them directly, the candidate’s leadership qualities, and his or her experience dealing with foreign affairs. When it comes to foreign policy, the former Secretary is by far the most experienced candidate in the entire 2016 class. Any opponent – GOP or Democratic – will have a tough time matching her deep understanding of global affairs and her personal relationships with world leaders.