April 26, 2018

Call for nominations to fill mid-term vacancies

Democrats Abroad Canada invites you to nominate candidates to fill
mid-term vacancies to the DA Canada Board of Directors

25 April 2018

The Annual General Meeting (AGM), will be held on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 2:00pm – 4:00pm EDT.

This meeting will be held online (via WebEx) where you can participate from your own home, as well as in some Canadian cities to be announced.

As a result of mid-term vacancies, we’re inviting members to nominate candidates for two officer positions for the remainder of the 2017-19 term. The positions, currently being served through appointment, are Secretary and IT Manager.

Secretary: The Secretary shall attend and produce minutes for all Board meetings, maintain all files and administrative records of the organization, and maintain a current list of members of Democrats Abroad Canada Board. All of such records shall be open for inspection by members. Minutes of all meetings shall be sent to the Executive Committee once approved by the Country Chair and/or Executive Vice Chair. The Secretary shall schedule and coordinate on-line participation for all Board and Committee meetings.

IT Manager: The IT Manager performs as liaison to manage the domain, institutional email addresses, and security access to the database and bulk emailing system. With a team, the IT Manager is responsible for the Board list serve, DA website postings, wiki updates, and development and support of all types of electronic forms. The IT Manager manages the DA Canada social media sub-committee and other team members to offer technical solutions, training, and best practices to leaders across DA Canada.

Both of these officer positions will also be elected as Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) Voting Representatives: The DPCA Voting Representatives shall represent the views of DA Canada at the international meetings of the DPCA and vote accordingly at the meetings.

If your DA Canada Chapter is participating in the AGM, you may cast your vote in-person at that meeting if you have not previously voted over the Internet. Your online ballots will be emailed to you 01 June with instructions on how to complete the ballot by 11:59pm EDT 15 June.

Nominations are now open as of this mailing. The nomination period closes Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 11:59pm EDT. We welcome you to submit your nomination(s) or self-nominate at this link: http://da.formstack.com/forms/2018nominations.

An accompanying letter supporting your nominee, or yourself if you are self-nominating, is requested. It needs to describe skills and experience pertinent to the position (or office) for which you or your nominee is running. A nominee must be a Democrats Abroad Canada (DACA) member, a US citizen, a resident of Canada and willing and able to handle the duties. A nominee must give his or her consent to stand for election.

We look forward to receiving your nominations as we approach the 2018 Mid-term Elections.

Democratically Yours,

Steve Nardi
Chair, Democrats Abroad Canada