April 18, 2017

Democrats Abroad Canada Elections Results

The DA Canada Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to provide the results of the 2017 Annual General Meeting & Election. 

Chair:  Steve Nardi

Executive Vice-Chair:  Heidi Burch

Vice-Chairs (2): Christine Odunlami & Ed Ungar

Secretary:  Roseanna Sharpe

Treasurer:  Lissette Wright

Membership Secretary:  Rebecca Burns

IT Manager:  Krystal Thomson

Counsel:  Danielle Stampley

Members-at-Large (3):  Susan Alksnis, Annie Parry & George Spiegelman                                                                                        

In addition, the Proposed Bylaw Amendments were approved by the required two-thirds (2/3) majority.  Accordingly, the DA Canada voting representatives to the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) shall be members of the DACA Board; its Officers, Members-at-Large, IT Manager and Chapter Chairs who are in office May 1st of each election year.   Click here  for the amended version of the by-laws.  Click here  for the minutes of the AGM.   All officers and the Chapter Chairs are Voting Representatives.  The chart at this link  provides contact details for each Officer and Chapter Chair.

The Teller of Elections tabulated the results of the 363 valid ballots cast.  (Out of the 397 ballots submitted, 34 were spoiled and not included in the results).  Any questions about vote tallies may be directed to the Teller of Elections at: [email protected]

The membership has been informed that any member of DA Canada who wishes to challenge any election result may do so by submitting an email to Ken Sherman, Chair of the NEC, at: [email protected]   All challenges must be submitted by May 2, 2017.

With highest regards,
DA Canada Nominations and Election Committee

Ken Sherman, Chair
Starla Goggins, Secretary
James Davis
Paulette Kelly
William Curry
Peggy Hamilton, Teller of Elections