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  • is hosting Mannheim CSD parade (Pride Parade) 2022-08-01 17:50:46 -0400

    Mannheim CSD parade (Pride Parade)

    March with us in the CSD Pride parade in Mannheim and show our solidarity with the LGBTiQ community.

    We'll let you know about our position in the parade and actual meeting point a few days beforehand.

    UPDATE: unfortunately we can’t march in the Parade and we also don’t have enough people for the stand. We will mingle with the crowd near Paradeplatz. Meeting point 13:30 at Tram stop Rosengarten

    August 13, 2022 at 1:30pm
    Tram stop Rosengarten
    Mannheim 68161
    Google map and directions
    5 rsvps

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    Help DAG letting our Senators know how we feel about the ERA! https://www.democratsabroad.org/era_stories?recruiter_id=250661

    Why ERA is Important to Me

    2021 could be the year that women’s rights are secured in the U.S. Constitution – just 245 years after white men. The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is positioned to be the 28th amendment once either the Senate removes the deadline from the 1972 resolution OR the Department of Justice instructs the US Archivist to add it. The threshold of 38 states ratifying it happened in 2020 but it has been held up due to some technicalities. YOU can help promote awareness and action on the ERA. 

    Would you like to tell Congress why the ERA is important to you? Here's how: Take a selfie, then add your picture and story in the textbox. You can also make a video and send in the url (just add the link in the textbox).   Your story can be up to 500 words.   If you need more words, just continue with additional posts.


    Please include your Country of Residence, and Voting State at the end of your story.  Including your Name is optional.

    We'll share these stories with Congressional allies to help them in their fight to finally add the ERA to the US Constitution. 
    Please note that the stories below are all user submitted and reflect individual opinions. By sharing your story here you are consenting to sharing your story publicly both on this site and with Congress. 

    Click here to read the first set of over 100 stories sent on March 25 to the Senate.

  • published Getting done what is right! in ERA Stories 2021-03-24 15:02:07 -0400

    Getting done what is right!

    Finally having the ERA in the Constitution means to me finally getting done what is right. We Americans are a nation whose strength stems from our diversity. Equality is required to keep that diversity alive. The preamble of the Constitution stipulates that the People of the United States do ordain and establish the Constitution (amongst other things) to form a more perfect Union, to establish Justice and to promote Welfare. When the first version of the Equal Rights Amendment, written by Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman was introduced in Congress in December 1923 both strived to end legal distinctions between men and women. By doing so, they actually proposed something with an even larger significance: fulfilling the true character of the constitution by amending it, e.g. forming a more perfect Union and legally guaranteeing the same rights and the same significance to every part of said People. Almost a century later, we need to act now to seize the chance of finally adding the ERA to the constitution and stop the injustice. Daniel Hoever-Eckardt. Residing in Germany, voting in Colorado

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