Dream from Malta

- A livable minimum wage (higher than poverty line for the given region) - Prioritization of the Environment - setting aggressive green goals in emissions, renewable energy and plan to achieve them. Plan should include plans for a coast to coast, N-S fast-train system. - Affordable health care for everyone - Medicare for all or similar. - An America that remembers it is the Land of immigrants - welcoming to refugees and providing opportunities for immigration. Regularization of all good faith irregular -immigrants. - Radical criminal justice reform focusing on rehabilitation and drastically reducing incarceration. - An America engaged in the World - in Climate Change, Medicine, Science and elsewhere. Aggressive soft diplomacy through aid. - A vastly improved safety net. - Free college (state school equivalent tuition) for all. - Affordable daycare for all, better parental leave for both parents. - An aggressive low income housing program. - Systems which ensure true equality for all irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation etc. - Strengthen worker and union rights. - An aggressive post COVID recovery plan. (Done!) - A government that believes it can do things and does not always subcontract tasks to private industry. Especially when the service or task is critical or can come in conflict with profit motives (such as privatizing the Postal Services or Prisons)- essential services should be run by the public sector.

Dream from Turkey

An effective education system that helps people to think in systems and with empathy.

Dream from Rwanda

A thoughtful and cogent plan that would overhaul the American justice system -- reducing the prison populations, reanalyzing the jail time for those already incarcerated, supporting individuals after they serve their time, restore voting rights without delay, and finally - to establish a permanent moratorium on federal executions.

Dream from Istanbul, Turkey

Freedom Loving, Just, Non-Racist, Secular, Fair in the World

Dream from Abroad

Embracing the spectrum rather than consolidating the polarization, identifying the real common good steps forward for our country that levels the playing field, overcoming our human nature and making the win-win decisions despite the power dynamics that do not require them.

Dream from Istanbul, Turkey

Denial of what America is and has been will not get us to where we need to be. America needs leaders with a strong desire to tear down the systems and institutions that sustain racial injustice and inequity. This is how we take accountability. This is how we create unity. I dream of leaders who will prioritize investments in education and clean energy for the future generations. I dream of an America that will accept its true historical impact at home and abroad and leaders who will stand against and challenge America’s role in human suffering for the means of profit. Forget about the American Dream that never was; to simply see the most basic needs of every person met - that should be a reality, not still a dream.

Dream from Cameroon

The dream that I nurture for America consists in putting my talents at the service of the greatest number in the social, cultural, political and especially health fields in these times of covid19, give hope to people in desperation.

Dream from Gdansk, Poland

That we have a party that brings the benefits of our wealth to all the citizens of our country.

Dream from Australia

My dream for America includes a comprehensive and fair immigration law which would actually welcome immigrants, asylees, refugees, "dreamers," and family members of U.S. citizens.