Access to COVID-19 Vaccine Survey: What DA-PH Members Think

In May, the Democrats Abroad Philippines (DA-PH) organized the Covid Member Action Team in response to the concerns of tax paying and voting Americans living in the Philippines to obtain US-FDA Approved Covid19 vaccines. The team has initiated three key initiatives to that are deemed important to hopefully generate a positive response from the government:

  • Partnered with other Philippine-based American organizations to amplify the collective concerns of US citizens living abroad to US decision-makers.
  • Sent a letter of appeal to the US Embassy in Manila, as the first step to reach out to the representative of the U.S. government in the country.
  • Conducted of a survey amongst DA-PH members to understand what they think and feel about Covid19 and the availability of the vaccine to them and their families.

The survey harvested a rich set of information, thanks to all those who participated. Please take a look at the results and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to send email to: [email protected]

The DA-PH Leadership Team wishes to thank Paul Risley, Harold Hibbert, and Jennifer Westfall of DA-Thailand for taking the lead in the advocacy to ensure that Americans leaving abroad will have equal opportunity to healthcare.