Election News

Are you dancing around singing happy tunes since Tuesday’s election results? I am, and I’d love to bottle this happiness and save it for inspiration next year. Songs are the closest things we have to bottles of happiness though, so here’s one to keep for later. (Thanks to our tax team for a new theme song ;-).

Speaking of the taxation team - they are on the Hill this week knocking on doors and working hard to let our representatives know about Residency Based Taxation (RBT) and why they should consider it. Many thanks to Carmelan Polce, Joe Smallhoover and DeeDee Gierow for the work you are doing supporting an issue that is so important to so many of our members. Do also check out Dina Titus’ shout out to our team and DA.  

Yesterday’s call with James Carville was thought provoking, fun, and inspiring. Listen to the call here.

James Carville believes Doug Jones’ has a chance in Alabama, and we do too. Please consider phone banking to help out. Winning this senate race would make a big difference in protecting vital legislation over the next year. Phone bank this weekend so Alabama voters have time to get their ballots in by December 12th.

The Global auction starts on November 24th and the team is still accepting donations. Large or small, these auction items are great ways to support Democrats Abroad. Women’s Caucus calendars are also on sale now and have their own page on the website. Check them out – deliveries still possible before Christmas!  

Mark your calendars
Veteran’s Day – November 11th
DA Global Auction – November 24th to December 3rd

Fabulous Facts
 4 recounts are still underway in VA. Americans abroad have the chance to turn the VA legislature blue.