Enjoy the Holidays!

I hope everyone is soon heading off to enjoy a relaxing, fun filled next week or so. Rest, and rejuvenate!

If, though, Trump decides to fire Mueller, you might add one more R to the holiday combination and also RESIST.

In case Trump crosses the red line, we’ve put together suggestions for what you can do quickly – including a rally, a meet up, or a virtual protest. We’d love to hear your ideas as well (and if you come up with a resistance carol or two, please also let us know).

The tax bill’s looming vote could not overshadow the fantastic news from Virginia yesterday, where a recount in House District 94 ended with a win by ONE vote for Shelly Simonds. If all goes as expected, by January the Republicans will have lost their majority in VA’s legislature for the first time in 18 years. We are delighted that Americans abroad helped this happen.

Do you know someone abroad who votes from Newport News, or Virginia Beach, VA? If yes, please introduce us. We would love to speak to some of these voters who made this difference.