Event Dos and Don'ts

Dos and some Don’ts for organizing your own #BansOffOurBodies EventDemocrats Abroad Global Women's Caucus Logo

The DOs

  • If you're hitting the streets, be sure to check here first: Guidance for DA Marches
  • Encourage everyone who attends to join DA and the GWC
  • Make sure voter registration is part of your event.
  • Non-DA, non-American groups are welcome to join in the celebration, but must understand/be comfortable with our goal
  • Take lots of photos and videos! Share photos, video clips etc. of your event with us and on your channels!
  • We'd love to hear from you about your plans! Get in touch with us on Slack to let us know what you're doing!


  • Do not march or organize a public event without getting the required permits/permissions; if you need help with this, please ask!
    • Assure that the local police and/or authorities are notified for security reasons
  • If you are marching/organizing with other groups, assure that their goals are consistent with ours
  • Make sure that we are not involved in national or local political groups; DA does not comment on foreign affairs or foreign political issues
  • If you give interviews, please review the talking points in the toolkit
    • Try to avoid using anti-choice messaging and framing. This is about OUR civil rights, OUR autonomy, and OUR right to control our own bodies. It is not about “life,” “babies,” “religion,” or other distractions
  • Remember not to endorse Democrat candidates for the primaries. We can only officially endorse candidates that have won their primaries.