Bans Off Our Bodies

Global Women's Caucus Bans Off Our Bodies Toolkit

Reproductive Rights groups across the US mobilized on May 14, 2022, to stand up against the leaked Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Make no mistake, this decision takes aim at more than just our right to choose - it affects ALL of our civil rights. The Global Women’s Caucus also organized a complementary global Day of Action around the world to show our support, and to demand action NOW to protect our rights. We want you to show up where you live to show our solidarity with our allies mobilizing in the U.S., and to tell the Senate to save Roe. We're not done fighting!

This toolkit has everything you need to get started. If you have questions, get in touch with your GWC contact!

Toolkit Contents

  • Planning Your Demonstration/Rally/Meetup
  • Social Media Content and Visual Assets
  • Sample Invite Language/Email to members - customize for your needs!
  • Sample Press Release and Microsoft Word version
  • Statement and Talking Points from the GWC
  • Suggested Calls to Action
  • Helpful Links for Your Day of Action

Reaching Your Elected Representatives

Did your Senator vote yes or no on the Women’s Health Protection Act?

Here is a script to thank them or offer your critique!

Planning Your Demonstration/Rally/Meetup

  • Choose your location and format (follow all relevant laws and Covid restrictions!)
  • Designate a contact person or persons for the event, so that members and relevant authorities know who to go to for help
  • Gather at your US Embassy/Consulate, at a city landmark, at a public square
  • Small groups or individuals post photos of themselves at landmark locations with signs
  • If you need to apply for a permit or notify local authorities, do this ASAP! See our further general guidance here
  • Get in touch with local contacts and organizations to boost your turnout and reach!
  • Get your event posted on your DA website ASAP! and please remember to also ask the Helpdesk to crosspost your event to the Global Women’s Caucus events page so that we can help promote it!
  • Check out the DA Berlin event here: 
  • Post your event on your social media channels ASAP! If you’re hosting an event on Facebook, ask the GWC to be a co-host (@WomensCaucusAbroad)
  • Check out the DA Norway Event here: 
  • Make sure you have your U.S. overseas voter registration information ready! is invaluable!
  • Share pictures and videos from your event on your social media channels.
  • Tag US officials and our partner reproductive rights groups!

Need to plan an online event?

Social Media Content and Visual Assets

  • Here is a folder of content, photos and posters that we will continue to add to
  • The small but mighty GWC comms team has generously offered to customize online posters for your city/country/chapter. Contact Jamie via our Slack ( to get yours.
  • Please be patient! We are all busy on multiple things at once
  • Share things far and wide on your platforms - don’t wait!
  • Hashtags #BansOffOurBodies #GWCGlobalDayofAction #DAGlobalDayofAction #AbortionIsHealthcare #AlliesAbroad

Sample Invite Language/Email to Members - Customize for your needs!


According to a leaked draft opinion, the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to completely overturn Roe v. Wade (which guarantees the Constitutional right to abortion). This is the nightmare scenario we hoped wouldn't come, but we’re mobilizing now, ahead of the Court's final decision. We MUST show up and demand action to protect our rights.

Join Democrats Abroad and [fill in your country or chapter] and show your support for all the communities on the frontline of reproductive rights in the US, and for ALL of our civil rights that are at risk.

[insert details for your local event here]

Are you registered to vote in 2022? Have you requested your ballot for 2022? We can’t wait.

We will see you there!

In solidarity,


P.S. If you’re looking to take action RIGHT NOW (and we know you are), contact your Senator and tell them to pass the Women's Health Protection Act ASAP.

Sample Press Release* - customize for your needs!

MAKE A COPY OF THE RELEASE AT THIS LINK TO CUSTOMIZE IT (or download a Microsoft Word version)

*if appropriate, consider inviting media to your event

Statement and Talking points from the Global Women's Caucus

You can use this for media, for reading at your event, for posting on social media - however you see fit!

“We’re turning our rage into action by showing up today. That many of us saw this coming does not make the blow less painful or severe. We are here to show our support for women and for anyone who needs one to have an abortion. We are here to say that we will never give up autonomy over our own bodies.

But we know this is about much more than controlling women. It’s about rolling back generations of progress. All of the hard-won victories of the past decades for basic civil rights and freedoms, for laws to protect marginalized populations from bigotry, racism, homophobia, and sexual harassment are at risk. But we won’t give up these rights, and we won’t stop advocating as allies for the most marginalized communities. We will keep showing up.

We’re fighting back. 2022 is also a decisive election year. We have the next 6 months to get started. Together, we must elect both federal and state legislatures that will represent the will of the majority: safe abortions without restrictions for anyone who wants or needs it. And a commitment to expanding and protecting rights for all of us. It’s not enough to vote - we have to hold leaders accountable and we have to keep moving forward, together.”

  • Try to avoid using anti-choice messaging and framing. This is about OUR civil rights, OUR autonomy, and OUR right to control our own bodies. It is not about “life,” “babies,” “religion” or other distractions
  • Republicans do hold a lot of power right now, thanks to their skillful application of voter suppression, fear and disinformation. However, we have an overwhelming number of votes - abroad and at home. They know that the majority of people in the US (and voters!) reject their patriarchal white supremacist doctrine and this Supreme Court opinion
  • We are outraged. We are afraid. We will not go back. We, Democrats Abroad, are standing up for reproductive justice, healthcare, and choice. Join us!
  • We're rallying in solidarity with organizations across the U.S. to declare #BansOffOurBodies
  • Abortion is healthcare, abortion is a human right. Join us to take a stand, advocate in solidarity with women and birthing people, for bodily autonomy, for choice, and share your story

What Can People Do Right Now?

  • US citizens living abroad can make sure they are registered to vote and have requested their ballots for 2022. Democrats Abroad and have resources for everyone
  • On May 11, the U.S. Senate failed to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act in its second vote in 2022. Contact your Senator and tell them how you feel about their vote. It has already passed the House, it is waiting for the Senate to enshrine the right to abortion without unnecessary restrictions into federal law. 
  • Donate to abortion funds working on the front lines, every day, to ensure people who need abortions can access them no matter what
  • Organize your families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates - anyone you can. Remind them that this is about more than abortion, and that we need all of our allies to get involved, vote, and demand our elected officias enact the policies we elected them to
  • Share your story. If you need support, help, or inspiration, check out:

Suggested Calls to Action

Make a GOTV video for the GWC Reproductive Justice Team

Phonebank for Democrats Abroad throughout 2022

Donate to an abortion fund - they are working on the front lines, every day, to ensure people who need abortions can access them no matter what

Helpful links for the Day of Action