September 13, 2021

Photo Contest Winners

As you know, we've been holding a photo contest to print a 2022 DA calendar for fundraising in advance of the midterm elections.

Congratulations to the winners!

Ken Farr, Michigan voter, lives in Quito

Jake Hutton, California voter, lives in Quitumbe

Shawn Turner, Indiana voter, lives in Manglaralto

Ron Ortiz Dinkel, New Mexico voter, lives in Cuenca

Julia Rux, Florida voter, lives in Cuenca

Sissel Westergaard Robertson, Florida voter, lives in Cuenca

Janet McGuinness, Pennsylvania voter, lives in Manglaralto

William Maher, Texas voter, lives in Cuenca

Kristin Reilly, Texas voter, lives in Cuenca

Bartley D'Alfonso, California voter, lives in Cuenca

Thanks to the Photo Contest Committee for their hard work. We should have calendars for sale sometime in October (the perfect holiday gift!). Watch this space for updates.