Healthcare is under attack again as Senate Republicans try to force through the Graham-Cassidy bill - a last minute effort to repeal ACA. This week’s DA tiny action provides talking points to use to call your Senators and ask that they vote against the bill. Hats off to DA Mexico for their help on this action and our best thoughts as Mexico recovers from the earthquake yesterday.

Almost 200 people have sent in their universal healthcare stories so far by email and the website, but we need to double that number to make a big impact in DC.

Our Spanish translation efforts are getting a big boost thanks to a new system Alex Montgomery has set up for us to work with – CrowdIn – a site that makes translating content a crowd project, easily accessible for volunteers. Interested in translating a few lines yourself? Please get in touch with Ana Blackstad, Hispanic Caucus chair, who is managing this wonderful project (and doing many translations herself!).

The Senator Elizabeth Warren call last Sunday was an energy-filled round of question and answer. She cheered on our universal healthcare campaign and asked us to keep fighting for DACA. She also answered our questions on RBT with clarity and candor. We are continuing to work with her team to help them understand the issues that affect Americans abroad and thank you for your contributions to the call! Please note that as she is in election season, her team has asked that we not circulate the video of the webinar.  

Our next webinar is a Taxation Q&A by our own Carmelan Polce. She’ll be hosting the session on September 29th at 9am DC time. We’ll send out a global email about the event on Monday, but do add it to your calendars now!

Save the Date

  • (Inter)National Voter Registration day – September 26, all day
  • Taxation webinar with Carmelan Polce – September 29, 9am DC time
  • "Give to Win" Fundraising Month for DA - kick starts October 9