Florida Dems Resolve to Support Voters Abroad

Last weekend, the Florida Democratic Party unanimously voted to adopt a resolution in support of Floridians abroad and the work that Democrats Abroad does to help both get out and protect the vote. 

The resolution was introduced and promoted at Florida's 2019 Leadership Blue convention by Alma Gonzalez, Florida DNC member, after recent visits to Paris and London. Gonzalez met with Democrats Abroad UK and France leaders and was able to see first hand the support that these volunteers offer, all over the world.

Over the last few years, the Democrats Abroad has strengthened its relationship with Florida Dems, thanks in part to the leadership of Terrie Rizzo, Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, and her recognition of the value that Democrats Abroad provides state parties in the US. Collaboration throughout 2018 was marked by numerous milestones, including Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried's victory in November, when votes from abroad brought home a victory for her statewide election.

The resolution comes at a time when Democrats Abroad is currently working with Florida teams on projects involving voter protection, Org Corps training, Hispanic outreach, social media outreach, and data. 

Read the resolution in full below, or at the link here:


WHEREAS            Beginning with the 2000 Presidential election, the importance of Florida as a battleground state became astonishingly clear as the destiny of our nation and world was held in the balance separated by 527 votes; and

WHEREAS            Every year since the 2000 Presidential election, the need to increase vigilance in protecting voters at every level has been highlighted by numerous attempts by the Republican Party to suppress the vote and disenfranchise voters; and

WHEREAS            Recounts have become the “new normal” in Florida as demonstrated by the 2018 elections where Democrats lost their senior United States Senator by 10,033 votes; 32,463 votes decided the Governor’s race; and the Commissioner of Agriculture won by a mere 6,753 votes; and where a number of down ballot races were determined by the thinnest of margins; and

WHEREAS            Florida Democrats Abroad boasted almost 18,000 registered voters who are anxious to remain active and exercise their constitutional right to vote; and

WHEREAS            Democrats voting from Abroad can and have determined the outcome in elections in Florida; and

WHEREAS            The Florida Democratic Party is in a position to capture these critical votes for the 2020 election;


the Florida Democratic Party shall design and resource a plan to engage, promote, and protect the vote of Floridians voting from abroad in collaboration with Democrats Abroad and the Democratic National Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Alma R. Gonzalez
DNC Florida
State Committee Woman, Hillsborough County