Frank Spitzig

Panama Member At Large

I identify as an Independent person politically, the fact that I've voted for Democratic candidates and policies much more than anything else notwithstanding.

But the last four years have drawn out tons of emotionally charged individuals that exude anger and hatred toward each other thus constituting serious erosion of such principles as equality, concern for others, and moral-ethical honesty, accountability for errors, etc.

I have traditional values for myself and for others in my life.  I firmly believe that the only way to restore foundational principles into the American political system will have to be through the Democratic Party ... if it can happen at all.


I am not much of a 'joiner' at all, but I did join DA to help grow the impact of the organization on Washington and to help ex-pats and others abroad obtain more and better benefits as US citizens living overseas.

I am guarded in my 'support' of Democrats Abroad.  I am willing to do what I can to support DA initiatives as well as putting in personal time to expand participation 


USAF Vietnam-Era Disabled Veteran, sporting upwards of twenty "disabling conditions" ... including impaired ambulation, breathing disorders, kidney disorder, sleep disorders, failing hips and knees bilaterally, and emotional disorders. Twenty-plus-year hi
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