Vote with a Federal Write-in Ballot



 (Email, Fax or Mail In)

If you haven’t received your official Ballot yet, you should vote using a Back-up Ballot (also called the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot or “FWAB”) right away!

  1. Go to this website and follow the prompts to Fill in the Back-up Ballot

  2. The Back-up Ballot should fill in the candidates for you to choose. But if it does not, you can write in the candidate’s name or just write in “Democrat”. (If you are using the FWAB to vote in a Primary Election, you must write in the candidate's name).

    You can look up your Sample Ballot here: (Note: you do NOT need to provide an email address). Your Sample Ballot will show the races you are eligible to vote in and the candidates for each race.

  3. Download the PDF Package containing your completed Back-up Ballot and Instructions.

  4. Print out the completed Back-up Ballot, then sign and date it and return it to your Local Election Official.

    • Return by Fax or Email: Please follow the Instructions to secure your completed Back-up Ballot for submission via email or fax. 
    • Return by Mail: If you choose to return your Back-up Ballot via postal mail, you can download Envelope Templates for either "Standard US" or "C4 Europe". These templates will help you to follow the Instructions to secure your Back-up Ballot for mailing. 


  • [WA voters may ignore this step] If you already sent in your form to Register to Vote and/or Request an Absentee Ballot, contact your Local Election Official to verify if they received it. (You also can try to find out why you didn’t receive your official Ballot, so you don’t have the same problem next time).
  • [WA voters may ignore this step] If your Local Election Official did not receive your form to Register to Vote and/or Request an Absentee Ballot - or if you haven’t sent one in yet, please submit the form right away! Just go to: Follow the prompts, then print out and sign the completed form. 


*If you receive your official Ballot after submitting the Back-up Ballot, you should complete and return your official Ballot as well. It’s okay - only one ballot per person will be counted.

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