DPCA Representative, UK Cambridge Chapter Vice Chair

I strongly support policies that advance the United States toward a society rooted in economic fairness and social, racial, and environmental justice, particularly for the most vulnerable people in our society. I believe in fairness and accountability in political processes; and support international cooperation, peace, and mutual respect. 

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    Sign the petition: NJ -- Voting Rights for Overseas Voters https://www.democratsabroad.org/nj-advocates?recruiter_id=91776

    NJ -- Voting Rights for Overseas Voters

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    2021 Global Annual Meeting

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  • published New Leadership Election in News 2021-02-01 14:53:51 -0500

    New Leadership Election

    Cambridge had its elections in January 2021 and the results are as follows:


    Chair - Darcy Weaver

    Vice Chair - George Townsend

    Secretary - Jessica Lawrence-Hares

    Treasurer - Mary McLean

    Executive Committee - Amy Klohr

    Executive Committee  - Nathan Zaccai

    Executive Committee - Eva Higginbotham

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I'm an American working and living in the UK. I am retired from the USAF and as an IT Manager. I am now semi-retired and living in Ely. We have four amazing sons and 9 beautiful grandchildren.an