June 25, 2024

International Chair Statement on Department of State v. Muñoz

Democrats Abroad International Chair Martha McDevitt-Pugh statement on the Supreme Court Decision in Department of State v. Muñoz:  


"Love does not know borders, and millions of Americans live outside of the United States, in the country of their husband/wife/partner/loved one. We know the importance of being able to marry and be recognized as a family, internationally. 

Likewise, when an American citizen marries someone and they want to live together in the USA, this right should continue to be afforded to them, as it has been for years. The recent Supreme Court decision in Department of State v. Muñoz reverses precedent and moves in the wrong decision by giving consular officials wide latitude to deny visa applications for spouses of US citizens, and reducing the options for appeal of these decisions.

This undermines the strength, value, and protections that should be afforded by marriage, and rather gives the preponderance of power in international marriages to consular officials, not the partners themselves. 

Perhaps most concerning of all is the possible implications this has for LGBTQ+ Americans and their families, who are not always safe or secure around the world, and for whom the USA has been a relatively safe haven. This decision, and the new precedent it sets, closes off possible routes to safety for LGTBQ+ families, which is unacceptable."