December 02, 2017

Democrats Abroad denounces Senate Tax Bill

Democrats Abroad firmly stands against the Senate Tax Bill. It is grossly irresponsible of Republicans to ignore the needs of the vast majority of Americans — including middle and working class families at home and abroad — in exchange for a tax giveaway for the “donor class.” This is a sham tax plan that cuts taxes for the wealthy and well-connected; slashes tax rates for big business who already pay far below the marginal rate; worsens inequality; slows economic growth; blows out the budget deficit by a trillion dollars; and positions Congressional Republicans to make drastic reductions in federal programs that support millions of Americans, including the nation’s most vulnerable. 

The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a devastating blow to the American people in the U.S. and around the world. Republicans said their first priority was economic growth for middle class families and shrinking the inequality gap. They insisted that corporate tax cuts would lead to stronger U.S. operations and competitive jobs. They promised there would be no cutbacks to federal programs as a result of the wealthiest corporations and individuals paying even less than they do today. That’s simply not what is in this bill, and nonpartisan groups like the CBO and JCT agree. Now that the bill has passed, the American people will be holding Republicans accountable to the ‘fair and simple’ solution they’ve been promised.

While showing callous disregard for the middle class overall, the bill reflects total indifference to Americans living abroad, who have been completely left out of the tax reform package, despite thousands of overseas constituents having contacted their Senators and House Representatives.

Democrats Abroad has advocated for the interests of Americans living abroad -- particularly issues related to taxation and voting rights -- since its inception in 1964. The organization’s Taxation Task Force undertakes research-based advocacy, analyzing tax policy, laws and regulations that affect Americans abroad and developing reform recommendations to remedy adverse impacts. The Task Force regularly leads grassroots campaigns for Democrats abroad to reach out to lawmakers and regulators about concerns and reforms.

Julia Bryan, International Chair
Alex Montgomery, International Vice Chair 
on behalf of the Democrats Abroad Executive Committee