Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! There are few things more thrilling for a voting advocate than rolling into an election year. Finally, we can help folk get registered and request their ballots. All the planning comes to fruition, our help desk queues fill up, we start pinging our friends and stopping strangers with American accents in the street.

In case we haven't talked yet, go ahead and request your ballot today. Start the year off well as we head towards winning back the Senate and House. 

Remember - Americans abroad CAN vote in midterm elections. US Senate and Representative elections are Federal elections that every American abroad voter is entitled to vote in.

Americans abroad CAN make a difference in these midterms. Every vote counts and even a few votes can swing an election (or a state legislature!) from red to blue.

Finally, please remember that Americans abroad need to request our ballots every year we’d like to vote. Even those of us who requested a ballot in December 2017 must request their ballot again for this calendar year. That way, our ballots will be counted in every 2018 election.

Happy New Year to you from Democrats Abroad! I’m looking forward to helping turn 2018 into a year we can all be proud of. I very much appreciate your help making it happen.

Any questions, just let us know. We love to answer voter registration questions.