Healthcare Saved

Did you watch the healthcare vote late last night? I missed the live votes, but was thrilled by the results, and inspired by the speeches. Check out Senator Hirono’s moving speech for your own inspiration today. Many thanks again to the leaders and members who called and protested around the world. 

Yesterday, as part of our healthcare campaign push, we launched this summer's membership growth program. The gist? Sign up 5 new members and we'll celebrate by sending you DA's own donkey tote bag. The bag was a big hit, and it's been fun to watch the new members roll in. If you have a moment, take the time to send your link to any US friend abroad who isn't yet a member and earn yourself a tote bag too.  

A big shout out to our partners over at Indivisible, who listened to our requests and tweaked their calling system so that Americans abroad could call in to West Virginia voters for free, urging them to encourage their senators to vote against the repeal bills. We are working with Indivisible to ensure this feature is replicated in the future. If it is, we will be advertising it widely!