June 28, 2024

International Chair Statement on 1st Presidential Debate

We know who President Joe Biden is and how he will use his second term: to preserve and expand democracy and the freedoms Americans enjoy and continue the American manufacturing renaissance that is underway due to his administration’s policies.  

Likewise, we know who Trump is: a convicted felon running a revenge-fueled campaign. We know what he did and failed to do in his term as President, from COVID, to tax cuts for the wealthy, to pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords, to locking people in cages at the border and fomenting a near coup to hold on to power. If re-elected, his Project 2025 administration would unleash horrors from banning abortion and criminalizing women and doctors to militarizing the southern border and pulling out of NATO. 

The threat is so real that a cadre of his own former senior officials have stated he cannot be let back into the White House, or he may never leave peacefully. 

We cannot let that happen. 

At the debate you saw two people, one with a big heart, busy being president for all Americans and with an historic record of accomplishment on investments in a cleaner economy and climate change, support for middle class manufacturing jobs and unions, the first meaningful gun control legislation in 30 years, and historic midterm election victories.

And you saw another fresh off the golf course, lying and bullying his way through the debate, signaling to his coalition of MAGA extremists, election deniers, Proud Boys and those who see freedoms for women, people of color and LGBTQ people as a threat. 

The choice is completely clear, and that’s why Democrats Abroad volunteers are working so hard to get out the vote among Americans living around the world, who can make the difference in close races up and down the ballot. 

Remember to tell all Americans abroad to go to votefromabroad.org to register to vote, today.