May 27, 2024

Candidate Statements for 2024 Election

We are now seeking the following positions. 

Male Alternate DPCA Representative
Volunteer Manager

Susan E. ("Sue") Kronenfeld is currently the appointed interim Programs & Events Manager. There will be an affirmation vote at the AGM and an election from the floor if she is not affirmed. 
Ballots will be distributed by May 29, 2024 and voting closes June 13th at 12 noon. 

Meet Susan E. ("Sue") Kronenfeld, Interim Program and Events Manager to be affirmed at the AGM

Hi, I’m Sue (she/her/female). I have extensive experience in leading and organizing volunteers in other communities, where I have been in charge of or pivotally involved with putting on events for up to 200 people. I'm also very familiar with more mundane administrivia, such as filling out forms and writing reports. Generally, I play very well with others, but can also work independently as needed. I can write compellingly, and am fluent in English and French, and very familiar with Spanish.

I’m currently serving as interim Programming/Events Manager, in which role I’ve put together one series of fundraising tax webinars on behalf of DA Canada, and am working on a second. And I’m not done yet; I have other ideas for events that we could hold. I am passionate about issues such as education and campaign finance reform, and I feel how badly America needs strong Democratic leadership, and the real political will to change what is in need of change. I’m ready to join this Board fully as a duly-elected member, and I hope you’ll vote for me on June 13th!

Rose Lester for Volunteer Manager

Sunny Sidhu for Volunteer Manager or Male Alternate DPCA Voting Representative

Sunny Sidhu proudly nominates himself for their outstanding contributions to our community. As a beacon of integrity and commitment, Sunny have consistently exemplified the values of service, leadership, and inclusivity.

Through his tireless efforts, sunny Sidhu has significantly impacted the lives of countless individuals, fostering a culture of empowerment and engagement. He has spearheaded initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and accessibility, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued.

Mr. Sidhu's dedication to advocacy and activism has been instrumental in driving positive change on both local and national levels. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, inspiring others to join in the pursuit of a more just and equitable society.

Furthermore, Sunny's unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration and building bridges across communities has strengthened the fabric of our society, creating a more cohesive and interconnected Canada.

Sunny Sidhu

Brandon Nakasato for Male Alternate DPCA Voting Representative

My experience in organizing and supporting the Democratic Party goes all the way back to door-to-door canvassing in Maine in 2004 proceeded to canvassing for Obama in South Carolina and Ohio in 2008. And continued with caucusing in 2016 in Alaska. In addition to this, I will bring experience as a nonprofit founder, chairmanship of a state human rights commission, and 15 years in administration across nonprofit, corporate and public sectors. Finally, I am not shy about being a both a voice for and an agent of change and inclusion as someone who is Black and LGBTQ. We do not only stand on the shoulders of giants, we are the giants who help others make their stand.

Timothy Baxter for Male Alternate DPCA Voting Representative

My name is Timothy Baxter. I live in Crocker Hill New Brunswick. I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and work cross border in Maine. I have a Podcast called The Tim Baxter Show covering politics and religion. I am an atheist and very involved in the fight for Separation of Church and State under the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution. I am interested in the DACP voting member position.


Beverlee Loat  self nominated for DPCA Voting Representative, however due to the movement in the board effecting the gender balance requirement, there is not a vacancy for a female DPCA Voting Representative. The NEC thanks you for your nomination!

I live in Edmonton, Alberta and, with my husband Terry, winter in sunny Arizona. Living part-time in the land of MAGA hats and Rep. Paul Gosar has made me acutely aware of the pivotal role Democrats Abroad can play in shaping the US political landscape.

I make use of time in this battleground state to engage with local Democratic Party members and to advocate for those in the States to help their family and friends abroad to vote.

Before retiring, I held senior management positions in a multinational corporation followed by work in international relations with government. My expertise in mobilizing stakeholders and fostering strategic relationships are essential skills for the work of Democrats Abroad. My legal background equips me to navigate the intricate procedural aspects of DPCA operations.

In past presidential election cycles, I joined phone banking and voter information teams. As threats to democracy become increasingly evident, I’m compelled to elevate my efforts. My desire to serve as a DPCA voting member is to deepen my understanding of DA and to collaborate with other DA members in advancing Democrats' critical mission.

I acknowledge the duties of DPCA Voting Representatives and undertake to participate in Democrats Abroad meetings at which DPCA Voting Representatives are expected to participate or to cast votes.

Thank you for considering my candidacy!

Forward together,
Beverlee Loat