Kicking off the DA Speakers Series


Despite the tensions of this week, the conflicting rhetoric from the White House, and North Korea’s response, I applaud you all for keeping your eye on the ball and for your tremendous work this summer as we prepare for next year and do all that we can to make sure such an administration does not come to office again.

This week we kicked off a series of webinars on issues that concern Americans abroad, and we are happy to see the great response so far. Our first event will be an issues webinar by our very own Martha McDevitt-Pugh (LGBTQ Caucus chair), who is holding a Q&A session online about LGBTQ civil rights, how they are threatened right now and what we can do to help. The Q&A will be both on Zoom and facebook live, so if you have any trouble logging on, or just want to dip in for a few minutes head to our facebook page and join in.

The GOTV team is in the process of putting together a phone banking campaign for NJ and Virginia voters. We’ll be running a Weekend of Action calling campaign over the weekend of August 18th. Any caller that logs more than 30 calls wins a sample of the famous DA Donkey bag. The Weekend of Action is a DNC action and we need to promote and encourage phone bankers across our regions and country committees, so please consider sharing with your friends!