Marching to the Ballot Box

Phones are buzzing, posters drying and plans are in place as we prepare to march to the ballot box this weekend in countries around the world. Check out the 29 events our teams are hosting – and if there isn’t an event near you to join, our Tiny Action team has a few suggestions too!

Pod Save America gave DA a fantastic shout out recently in their "Our American Apology Tour" pod broadcast. Many many thanks to the DA teams in Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam and London for bringing DA to their attention through voter registration efforts and great team spirit at every stop on the tour. 

The Excom is delighted to note that after a great deal of thoughtful work on their Terms of Reference (TOR) by the Progressive Caucus, we have voted them in to become an official caucus within Democrats Abroad. We are thrilled to have them join the caucus teams. Expect to see their caucus webpage up and a global email out shortly inviting us all to join!

As noted last week, DA Toronto and local members of the Progressive Caucus will be broadcasting a program with Larry Cohen, from Our Revolution, online on January 20th at 4pm DC time. Please tune in to DA’s Facebook page for the live event, and definitely share the show far and wide.

This weekend’s a busy one, and when you’re not marching, listening to Larry Cohen’s broadcast, or checking out facebook for live coverage of marches around the world, consider tuning in to a live stream of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meetings this Friday and Saturday to hear their deliberation on the Unity Reform Commission’s recent suggestions. Democrats Abroad looks forward to hearing the results of these meetings.