DA Mexico Secretary for Membership

I have been serving Democrats Abroad Mexico, as the Membership Secretary since the spring of 2020.  It’s been an exciting time, and I’m just now learning what I must accomplish in this position.  I am willing to continue this role for a full 2-year term if the membership wants me to continue.

We have had success and challenges in membership during this year of a presidential election amidst a global pandemic.  Our membership topped 10,000 members for the first time, and we can assume a more influential role in the worldwide organization if we can continue to grow.

We can dramatically grow if we can mobilize the large body of dual nationals living in Mexico while expanding into heretofore unorganized areas. 

Another huge challenge—but also a great opportunity—is to develop and implement a process for registering and mobilizing volunteers.  We are a hard-working organization, but we depend--far too often and too much--on a small cadre of dedicated volunteers.  I want to increase the number of our active volunteers by a factor of 10.  “Many hands make for light work.”

I am a life-long Democrat.  I started in politics on the George McGovern campaign in 1972 as a wide-eyed idealist.  I’ve remained progressive, though the years have deepened my practicality and desire for a winning strategy above all else.

I have a degree in English and composition, as well as in Computer Science and Engineering.  I was a working engineer for Texas Instruments for 25 years.


Life-long Democrat, Activist, Engineer, Writer, Nomad.