April 21, 2021

Call for Nominations for Americas Regional Vice Chair




I’m Steve Nardi, and I live outside Toronto, Canada, with Kevin, my husband of 17 years. I’ve been here 27 years and vote out of MI-07. While a DA member 20+ years, I only actively engaged when I ran for a delegate spot in 2012. Subsequently, I’ve served as Chair of Canada’s Toronto chapter, larger than most DA country committees, and am completing my second term as Chair of DA Canada. The third motivation and focus in my life is hospice. I’ve been a Hospice Toronto volunteer for nearly 25 years, including as Board Chair through two different rotations. I’ve also had a successful career in operations leadership positions with groups across the US and Canada.

It’s been a privilege to lead outstanding teams these four years as country chair. Our collective efforts resulted in 14 active chapters, covering 5.5 time zones, 40% growth in membership, and phenomenal GOTV outcomes. I’m not afraid to lean in when I believe we’re capable of more and was honored our chapters trusted me in 2020 at three critical points, collaborating with resources or finances to enable the whole to communicate with more members than if they’d acted independently.

With 14 country committees in our region (soon 15, 16, ??), in addition to each having its own unique needs, objectives, and abilities, opportunities exist for us to collaborate to grow individually and collectively for a more vital region of engaged members.

I’m not asking to be your RVC based on what Canada’s accomplished; but because of how we did it - together. The combination of DA leadership experience and proven operations skills, guided with the compassion gained through my hospice work, will make me a strong leader for our region these next two years.

I would be grateful and humbled to have your support.