Statement from the Hispanic Caucus Chair and Vice Chair on Acosta Resignation

In response to the July 12, 2019 resignation announcement of U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who negotiated an incredibly lenient 2008 plea deal involving former Trump confidant and wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the Democrats Abroad (DA) Hispanic Caucus' current leadership offered the following comments:

"Yet again, this scandal-plagued administration is having to spend more time finding political nominees with ethics than actually governing our country. Given Mr. Acosta's controversial nomination when he squeaked by the Senate, he should have never been confirmed by Republicans in the first place. As the only Latino in the Trump Cabinet, it's disappointing to see such a terrible job performance from him both as Labor secretary and in his former role in the U.S. Attorney's office," stated caucus chair Michael Ramos (DA Australia).

The caucus' vice chair, José Miguel Madrigal (DA Costa Rica), added his thoughts. "Donald Trump only added to the swamp by nominating Alex Acosta. Unfortunately for both of them, our caucus and the American people saw right through Acosta's unprofessional behavior and demanded him to step down. The Hispanic Caucus hopes that the next Labor secretary nominee is serious about leading the American workforce, including addressing ongoing workplace injuries and fatalities among U.S. Latino employees."