Florence - DA Tweet!

DA Tweet!

(or how to win followers and influence people!)

Democrats Abroad Italy wants to know... DO YOU TWEET?

If not, you are missing one of the most vital tools to stay politically informed, connected, and to help shape conversations with those close to you and those across the globe! Even if you DO tweet, there are tools you can use to increase your influence.

Join us for the DA Tweet Workshop and we'll show you the best methods to engage, connect, and keep yourself informed.

WHEN: Saturday afternoon, October 28th from 4pm - 6pm
WHERE: Caffè del Verone (located in the Museo degli Innocenti in Piazza della Santissima Annunziata, 13 Firenze).

Please bring your laptop (if you have one) and your cell phone (both already charged) – and we'll teach you how to tweet, to follow, and the best practices you can use to make your voices heard!

In addition, this is a great chance to meet the new DA Florence Team Leaders who were elected earlier this year and discuss upcoming events and meet-ups.

Please RSVP to [email protected]