May 21, 2023

New Leadership! Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad, June 10-11

Please join us in electing our Democrats Abroad global leaders, and sharing in all resolutions and accomplishments of Dems internationally!

Italy's Voting Representatives will take your issues and votes to the Annual Global Meeting online on June 10-11.

All Members are welcome to participate. The meeting runs Italy time 15:00-23:00 Saturday, and again those same hours on Sunday. Italy's Central Chapter Chairperson, Leyani Redditi; and Central Chapter Treasurer, Nini Lopes, are both Democrats Abroad official "Voting Representatives", who carry your vote to the AGM. Voting Representatives represent your vote to elect global DA executive leaders, vote on Resolutions within DA internationally, and represent your presidential candidates and procedures votes in the Democratic National Committee processes.  You can see the list of candidate and their statements HERE.  We will be very happy to receive your input and hear your choices and concerns on any of these topics.  We are also happy to share information about any of the Resolutions made by various Caucuses and Special Committees throughout DA.

The Annual Global Meeting is open to all Members of Democrats Abroad. Please feel free to join us, AGM link; or email us with any questions or input to: [email protected] and/or [email protected].  We are honoured to be able to carry your vote forward and exercise democracy with all American worldwide. Thank you.