Membership in the Caucus shall be restricted to members of Democrats Abroad and is open to any DA member.

The Caucus will have the following leadership structure: a Steering Committee consisting of a Chair or Co-chairs and 3-4 regional representatives, in which the 3-4 regional representatives are each from a different region whenever possible, and the remaining Steering Committee consisting of at least 5 at-large members and not more than 15 at-large members; the Steering Committee must make every attempt to include members from each region whenever possible, and should seek to emphasize an inclusive age and diversity range. The Chair or Co-chair(s) shall be appointed by the DPCA Chair. The at-large members shall be appointed by the Chair or a majority vote of the Co-chairs.  

The Steering Committee will assist the Chair or Co-chairs in determining members’ roles within the VMF Caucus. There will be at least one liaison each from the Americas region, the Asia-Pacific region and the European, Middle Eastern and African region.

Working with the Steering Committee, the Chair or Co-chairs will determine meeting agenda items and caucus activities. Information about actions pertaining to the caucus such as leadership changes, advocacy activities, membership numbers, GOTV efforts, and other related items will be provided to the DPCA Executive Committee for comments and guidance, prior to the execution of any plans or statements, as the DPCA Executive Committee deems appropriate. The Chair or Co-chairs shall convey all such written comments and guidance to the entire Steering Committee.

The Chair or Co-chairs will consider ideas and other information of the membership and thus determine caucus activities and delegate responsibilities to the membership on a volunteer basis, as compatible with the comments and guidance of the DPCA Executive Committee.

The Chair or Co-chairs will participate in monthly caucus leaders’ meetings and provide updates on caucus activities. In the event the Chair or one of the Co-chairs is unable to attend, efforts will be made to ensure that a designated member of the caucus is present.

At least one representative of the Caucus will attend each DA Annual General Meeting, either in person or on line, and will provide the membership with caucus updates.

Members will be encouraged to participate in DA fund-raising activities.