DAB Fall Events - hope to see you there!!

We have a lot going on these coming weeks, as we head into the home stretch of the elections!  Note that our Clinton/Kaine Stronger Together t-shirts have arrived, as well as Women's Cards and the latest batch of buttons, so come by one of the events and pick up this season's souvenirs to support our Get Out the Vote efforts!

  • Sep 21st - DAB Media Training for those interested in volunteering to act as spokespeople over the coming months.  We're in special need of Dutch speakers, so if you can help, RSVP via this link - DAB Media Training
  • Sep 27th - First Presidential Debate Watch to celebrate National Voter Registration Day - RSVP here Sep 27th Debate Watch.
  • Sep 28th - Voter Registration at the University of Kent Brussels campus during the day - volunteers still needed to help! 
  • Oct 2nd - DA Germany's famous (or infamous!) Oktoberfest event in Munich - details here DA Oktoberfest.
  • Oct 3rd - Special Fundraising Event - more info via Fundraiser for the Hillary Victory Fund

And for those who are very good at planning ahead, pencil in these, too!

  • Oct 10th - Second Presidential Debate Viewing, with highlights from the Vice-Presidential Debate
  • Oct 20th - Third Presidential Debate Viewing 
  • Nov 8th - Election Day - there will be a variety of events going on and we'll share details as they are finalized, but we do need volunteers to help organize DAB's own all-nighter.
  • Nov 9th - The Morning After - we'll be repeating our Breakfast event for those who can't make it through the night. 

Again, if any of you can help us set up a Voter Registration event at your school, work, place of worship, favorite expat pub, do let us know.  We are especially in need of awareness outside of Brussels - and even if you're just willing to put up flyers locally with the votefromabroad.org info, give a shout and I'll make sure we get some to you, either hand-delivered or via post.  We're running out of time and I don't need to remind you of just how critical it is that we find those Americans and convince them to vote.

Last but not least, please do consider donating to Democrats Abroad herewww.democratsabroad.org/donate
- our Get Out the Vote efforts, including the Vote from Abroad website and online phone-banking technology, do not come free and every little bit helps!