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Welcome to Democrats Abroad Belgium!

DAB is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Belgium. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Belgium please contact us.

Pauline Manos, Chair 
Democrats Abroad - Belgium

DA Belgium Leadership:

Pauline Manos
| Chair - DA Belgium
Jeffrey Edison
| Vice Chair - DA Belgium
Brandon Mitchener
| Secretary - DA Belgium
Sharoon Bronzwaer
| Treasurer, DA Belgium
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    Our heartfelt thanks to all of our volunteers this election season. Whether it was organizing a Pub Social, film night, panel discussion or protest march; posting articles, pictures, or commentary; phone-banking, visiting voters at home, answering last minute calls and emails…you did it all and it paid off! Your hard work helped us reach even more Americans this year, whose votes from abroad were critical in taking back the House, holding 6 of those 10 red state Senate seats, and flipping 7 governorships.

    A special shout out to the Leuven gang who helped register American exchange & graduate students at the university twice this year…they enjoyed a well-deserved drink on Election Night!

    In Brussels, we watched Fox, CNN, and MSNBC until 5am in the same warm setting where we saw many a presidential debate in 2016.

    If you’d like to help out in 2019, do get in touch - we’re still on the lookout for those 11,000 Americans registered in Brussels and we could use all the help we can get!
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    Brussels Women's March Anniversary Event

    DAB was proud to join the Lights 4 Rights group to mark the one year anniversary of our 2000-strong Brussels Women's March.  The beautiful voices of Indigo Creative asbl led us in song (video on our Friends of Democrats Abroad Facebook page!) and we even able to give voting information to a few new Americans.  If you haven't already requested your absentee ballots for 2018, be sure to go to  See you at our next event, this coming Thursday!

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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 07:00 PM · 38 rsvps
    Le Cheval Marin in Brussels, Belgium

    Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections

    Come to the 2019 Annual General Meeting – on 26 March 2019 – and help to elect the Executive Committee, which will guide DAB through the 2020 Presidential and Congressional election. Or run for office yourself!

    It’s going to be a big two years; as you know, Voter Registration will start 1 January 2020 for the November 2020 election. Play your role in being part of this important election, whether by running for office or electing the new Executive Committee.

    Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 26 March at Le Cheval Marin (, Quai aux Briques 90, Brussels,, and the elections will take place there as well.

    Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:

    • Chair
    • Vice-Chair (Chair and Vice-Chair must be of opposite genders)
    • Treasurer
    • Counsel
    • Secretary
    • Member-at-Large 1
    • Member-at-Large 2

    Nominations are accepted through 9 March and are to be sent to  Descriptions of the positions can be found in the by-laws of DAB which can be opened here.

    If you have any questions about what any of these positions involve, please don’t hesitate to email – also to and ask for more information. It’s going to be an important two years, and we need YOU to be engaged and involved.

    And if you haven’t been to a DAB meeting before (or if you’ve only been to a few), come along to the meeting on 26 March and meet other Dems in Belgium!

    We’ll also be watching the 30-minute documentary “Legalize Equality”, which discusses the importance of the Equal Rights Amendment – which is now just one state short of the adoption by the required two-thirds of the 50 states.

    In addition to the business of reports from the past year, and this year’s elections, we do have one other order of business (see agenda below).

    We need to approve a few amendments to our Bylaws, to bring us into conformity with the latest DPCA (Democratic Committee Party Abroad – or Democrats Abroad International, of which we are a part) rules. Namely, we need to add some language formally laying out our election procedures and we have to specify who will serve as our Voting Representatives in the DPCA, on a “one person, one vote” basis. The changes to the existing Bylaws are highlighted in yellow in the document that can be opened here.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Annual General Meeting, Democrats Abroad Belgium: Agenda

    1. Welcome - Pauline Manos, Chair

    2. Outgoing Leadership Reports

    2.1. Treasurer’s Report - Sharon Bronzwaer

    2.2. Membership Report - Jeffrey Edison

    2.3. Chair’s Report - Pauline Manos

    3. Nominations, Statements & Elections – Annie Tanampai

    3.1. Determination of a Quorum

    3.2. Distribution of Ballots

    3.3. Elections

    (Parallel to counting of votes: screening of “Legalize Equality”)

    4. Vote to Amend By-Laws

    5. DAB - The Year Ahead - Chair & Membership Discussion

    6. Other Business - Chair & Membership Discussion

    7. Closing – Chair