To Reflect & Regroup

UPDATE: We will hold our final event of the year, a Post-Election Reflection, on Thursday, December 1st at 7:30 pm - email [email protected] for location details.


November 10th, 2016

Dear DAB Members,

On this day after the morning after, as all the dust has settled, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your tremendous support this past year.  You helped us register voters, phone-bank, email, educate, and spread the word throughout Belgium.  Over 150,000 people used, volunteers made over 125,000 calls through our new on-line system, and we know that overseas voters made a difference in so many tight races.

I know your emails and social feeds are over-flowing with the many different reactions to the election.  It's important that we take this time to reflect, but we also need to be ready to regroup and act if we are to take back Congress in 2018.  If you do have thoughts and ideas for our work in the coming year, please do share them with me.  I also hope to see you at our next get-together in December and at the Inauguration event in January. News of both will be on our website shortly.

My warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,


Pauline Manos
Chair, Democrats Abroad Belgium