Preventative and no Co-Pay #DAresists #Medicare4all

My story isn't about a life-saving operation or being able to afford that medication that changed everything. This is about you - average everyday person. I know so many Americans who will not go to the doctor for a sniffle or an ache because they don't want to pay (or co-pay) for a visit. I can't count the times I have heard stories of people going broke trying to diagnose an illness: those co-pays for each visit really add up! Here, in Germany, I go to the doctor whenever I don't feel well. For every ache and pain. And sometimes, there is no real problem and I go home with some herbal tea. But sometimes I get an MRI and a CAT scan and some blood work and they find the problem . . . and I don't pay a single penny for this care because I already have paid with my taxes. It doesn't hurt my pocket book and my work allows me to go to these visits without penalty because that is how the system works. What is better: Getting sicker and sicker trying to avoid co-pays until it is too serious or too far along to fix? OR Pay a bit of tax out of your paycheck, bosses who understand the benefit of preventive care and stay healthy by regularly getting checked up with our the great of going broke over what might be just a simple cough. What if it's not just a simple cough - why take the risk? You are worth it!