Immediate Past Chair - Programs / Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee Member

I have been instrumental in helping Democrats Abroad grow in Mexico. My ongoing goal is to continue to build our organization and increase our impact.

I have been active in DA since 2007. I started and chaired the DA Mexico-Costa Banderas chapter in 2007.  
Since then, I helped to create the Guadalajara chapter and resurrect the Mexico City chapter.  

Also held the following DA positions:

  • Chair-DA Mexico
  • Secretary-DA Mexico
  • Chair-DA Lake Chapala
  • Program Chair-DA Lake Chapala

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    Phonebanking "Train the Trainer" - December 8, 2021



    As a global organization with members geographically spread, phonebanking is an essential method for getting out the vote. Whether you are an experienced phonebanker or brand-new, this updated training will show you how to use DA's phonebanking system, CallHub, along with videos of calls to demonstrate best practices and an emphasis on avoiding common mistakes.

    This training will also provide you with the materials and information you'll need to set up your own phonebanking training sessions for your volunteers.

    We've scheduled 2 WEBEX online sessions - please RSVP for the one that fits your schedule:

    • Saturday, December 4th at 8pm Eastern / 2am CEST (Sunday, Dec 5) / 10am KST (Sunday, Dec 5)

    • Wed, December 8th at 1pm Eastern / 7pm CEST / 3am KST (Thurs, Dec 9)
      To RSVP, click the box below

    WEBEX information will be provided with RSVP confirmation email

    December 08, 2021 at 1:00pm
    WEBEX - Online event
    Toronto, ON
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    Mark Your Calendar—Our Next Event is Dec. 13

    Happy Holidays from DA Lake Chapala!

    NOTE: Our speaker event is one week earlier due to the holidays. 
    READY TO REGISTER NOW? Click the RSVP button below. 


    Cultural differences and shared interests of U.S. retirees and returning Hispanics living in Mexico.
    How some news outlets are expanding media coverage of both groups.
    Political implications for the 2022 midterms and beyond.

    Monday, December 13    4 pm
    Free Zoom Presentation

    Members of all DA-Mexico Chapters invited!

    To RSVP—and for details including Zoom link—click the button below.


    Edgar López is a content creator and the producer of The Gringo Show, a news/comedy program aimed at US/Mexico bicultural audiences. He serves as vice chair of both DA Mexico City and our Hispanic Caucus/Americas and DA Global Social Media Manager.

    December 13, 2021 at 4:00pm
    FREE ZOOM presentation -- PLEASE IGNORE ADDRESS and Google Maps Link below
    16 de Septiembre
    Ajijic, Jalisco 45920
    Google map and directions
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    Democrats Abroad Mexico City (DACDMX) trained 13 people on August 14 in an event held at the American Legion. The newly trained volunteers will now fan out across Mexico City in an effort to register U.S. citizens for the November 8 general election. About half of the new volunteers hold joint U.S./Mexican citizenship.

    DACDMX will set up booths in public places such as parks and commercial centers throughout Mexico City to attract potential new voters. The volunteers will also assist existing voters in requesting absentee ballots and returning those ballots to election officials in the U.S.

    It has been estimated that there are up to 1 million U.S. citizens living in Mexico with half of them holding dual nationality. Registration efforts will continue until October.

    DACDMX plans to hold additional voter registration training sessions. The sessions are open to the general public.

    Join our Meet Up page to follow DACDMX activities


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    Huge Turnout for DACDMX "Watch Hillary's Acceptance Speech"

    Huge Turnout for DACDMX "Watch Hillary's Acceptance Speech"


    More than 60 people packed the American Legion in Mexico City Thursday night to watch the acceptance speech by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The event was covered by journalists from Reforma newspaper, the Associated Press, Reuters, and the Mexico City News.

    The convention watch party was one of several events planned by Democrats Abroad Mexico City (DACDMX) to promote voter registration and get out the vote efforts. Other events are planned for the presidential and vice presidential debates. DACDMX organizers suspect that last night's overflow crowd indicates the debate watch parties will be well-attended. Many of last night's attendees were newcomers to Democrats Abroad.

    Stay in touch with DACDMX by joining Democrats Abroad Mexico at

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    4th of July Party

    4th of July Party

    Dear Mexico City Democrats: 

    Greetings!! We are writing to let you know that Naomi Siegmann, Carolyn Lippert, Julie Juliano and Michael K. Schuessler are doing everything humanly possible to revive our local chapter of Democrats Abroad CDMX. In this way we attempt to honor the vibrant legacy left to us by our dearly departed Mexico City Democrat Susannah Glusker. We miss you Susannah but we must carry on!!!  

    We have decided that the best time to accomplish this goal will be during our annual Fourth of July Picnic, to be held Sunday, July 3rd, @ 1PM at the beautiful home of artist and fellow democrat Naomi Siegmann, located in El Pedregal de San Angel. At that time we will call to order a general meeting and will hold elections. We will also have people available to help everyone register to vote from abroad via the Internet and will be happy to register people of any political party.  

     In order to recover the cost of hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, soft drinks, condiments, potato chips, coffee, plates, silverware, napkins and cups, among other essential items, we are asking for a donation of 150.00 pesos (please pay at the door) from all who attend. ​If you already paid at the pizza get- together a few weeks ago, that's great!! Your name is on a "pre-paid" list. ​

    We would also be thrilled if everyone who attends could bring –pot luck style- a dessert, a salad, baked beans etc., basically whatever you want or whatever is easier for you to manage.  

     The most important detail is that WE NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL ATTEND SO AS TO PURCHASE THE CORRECT AMOUT OF FOOD for everyone and not have a huge amount of leftovers or not enough hamburgers!  In order to do this, we ask that -if you didn't already do so at the pizza party-​you RSVP via email to Carolyn Lippert or Michael Schuessler ASAP:

    Carolyn Lippert: [email protected]

    Michael Schuessler: [email protected]

    We are also looking for several VOLUNTEERS who can arrive an hour or so before the event to help set up and stay a bit after to clean up.  

     Please remember that this is an INCLUSIVE event – all are welcome: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Undecided, citizens of Mexico, US citizens, etc.  Please invite your friends – just forward them this invitation and ask them to RSVP to one of the email addresses below. 

     ALSO, if you feel that the 150.00 pesos represents a financial hardship, just let us know and we will work something out. Obviously, if you bring your kids, we won’t charge per person, but we ask the parents to give the donation they feel appropriate.   

    Please recall that the only reason we charge anything at all is in order to recuperate personal expenditures. Thanks so much and please, REMEMBER TO CONFIRM ASAP!

    Upon confirmation, you will receive a separate email with Naomi's street address. ​We look forward to seeing you on the 3rd!





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    2016 Convention Checkout

    You are almost to Berlin! Please input your payment info and the names of any additional registrants you are paying for. If you have any questions please email International Treasurer, Art Schankler [email protected] .


I have been instrumental in helping Democrats Abroad grow in Mexico. My ongoing goal is to continue to build our organization and increase our impact.