Revving up for the DNC Fall Meeting

Next week the DA DNC team heads to Las Vegas for the 2017 DNC Fall Meeting. We’ll be meeting with DNC and state party leaders, voting on resolutions (including the Compact) and electing regional and caucus leaders. Keep an eye out for Facebook and Twitter posts of the meeting at #DAinVegas. 

Ralph Northam, Virginia’s gubernatorial candidate, wants every Virginian abroad to vote if they can. We’ve worked with his team on a video we’re circulating on social media now. Please share the post widely! 

Speaking of social media - the #GunControlNOW social storm this weekend took off on both Twitter and Facebook with thousands of participants joining in. Many thanks for taking a moment from your weekend to help out, and to Amanda Mohar, Angela Fobbs and the rest of our social media team for their work on this fantastic initiative! 

Have you checked out the Give to Win fund raising campaign yet? If you have an idea for another project you’d like to add to the list, please email Kari Hiepko-Odermann at [email protected]. She’d also love to hear from you about donor phone banking – calls work and are a great way for you to help fund the tools you use in your outreach each month.   

This week’s Tiny Action highlights the Tax team’s Tax Reform Campaign in a box. Tax reform is under discussion in DC now, so call your representative and senators about how citizen based taxation affects you (and your members), and don't miss this narrow window of opportunity to make a change! 

Mark your calendars

 “Give to Win” fundraising month is running! – October through Nov 8th
 Women’s Caucus hosts Emily’s List - November 2nd at 9am DC time