50 years of coverage for juvenile diabetes in Sweden #DAresists #Medicare4all

My husband has had juvenile diabetes since he was 11 years old. Today he is 63 and in remarkably good health considering. His doctor in the US was at one of the best diabetes centers in the US, the Jocelyn Clinic. But since we moved to Sweden over 20 years l ago and following Swedish treatment for diabetics, my husband's blood sugar levels are substantially lower and more consistent over the short and long term which significantly improves his health while reducing the risk for terrible long term damage that so many diabetics in the US suffer from. As part of the normal healthcare regime, he also has regular checkups with a nurse who specializes in diabetes foot care - this is an excellent preventive measure as well as providing care if problems arise. Note that foot problems in diabetics are potentially dangerous and if left unattended can lead to amputation. His insulin, blood testing equipment and other diabetes care supplies are provided as part of the health system. This excellent care - all part of the public healthcare system - enables him to lead an active, full life as well as pursue a career in teaching.