Advocacy suggestions from Australia #DAresists #Medicare4all

This is what I have sent to my two state senators from Colorado, Michael Bennet and Corg Gardiner. My dear Senators Michael Bennet & Cory Gardiner, My name is Paul Mott and my wife and I used to live on Montebello Drive in Colorado Springs. When I was stationed in Taipei during the Vietnam war I met my Australian wife and we married in California and moved to Colorado back in the 70s. In the mid 70s I moved to Australia for work and to be closer to my wife’s family. I have been an active member of the political scene through Democrats Abroad and continue to monitor and watch what is happening in the USA which I visit as often as I can with my wife. I am appalled at what is happening with the health care debate and the constant push by the house and now the senate that has taken the lead to simply ‘DO SOMETHING’ regardless of how awful it is without regard to the consequences. Where I live in Australia we have health cover under Medicare and also have been fortunate enough to have private health insurance as well. When we go to a GP we do not pay the GP directly. Our payment is basically through a medicare levy that is taken along with our federal taxes. It is so simple. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY BILL THAT YOU HAVE NOT HAD TIME TO READ AND RESIST WITH ALL MEANS AT YOUR DISPOSAL TO PREVENT ACTION ON THIS HEALTH CARE BILL UNTIL THE USA GETS IT'S HOUSE IN ORDER AND SIMPLY ADDS ON A SIMPLE TAX (LEVY) THAT AT THE VERY LEAST COVERS NORMAL EVERYDAY HEALTH CARE OF GOING TO A GP. Thank you for listening and I am happy to speak with you about my understanding of how a national health care system works so well in the country I am presently living in. Best wishes in your endeavours to honor your commitment to ‘make a better life for Coloradans’. Paul Mott