Full Coverage for Delivery in Hong Kong Under Difficult Circumstances #DAresists #Medicare4all

Oh baby! Hong Kong style In 2015, my husband, son and I were living in Hong Kong, and my husband lost his job. We had enough savings to last us a bit, but I was 7 months pregnant and we didn't have enough to get back to the US and pay for the birth. Luckily the visas held, and we were allowed to stay in Hong Kong. Jobless. When the time came, I gave birth, stayed in the hospital an extra night (total 3 nights) for mine and the baby's observation, and the whole thing, including every bit of prenatal care, cost me about 36 USD. Friends of ours who went back at that time (also unemployed, also pregnant) walked into their local hospital in the US and asked how much for just the birth, and were told $8000. That's just for the bed and the doctor. No medicine, no intervention, no overnights, no emergency situations. I am glad I stayed.