International Secretary - Renee Clarke - Democrats Abroad



Name:                  Renee Clarke


Gender:                 Female


External Links:     


Member since:         2018


Country/Countries:  Italy



My name is Renee Clarke and I am an American living in Italy. I have lived in Italy on and off since 2011. In 2017, I made Italy my permanent home. My background is in Real Estate/ Property management and administration. All throughout my childhood, my mother instilled a deep sense of community in me by allowing me the opportunity to give back through outreach services. From feeding the homeless to visiting the elderly this foundation is what shaped me. I live by the understanding that the world around me is my community and I am my brother's keeper.


Describe your volunteer work with DA and cite your greatest DA accomplishment.

Since living in Italy I have encouraged all of my expat friends to exercise our right to vote. Contributing to democracy is a value of mine and I am looking forward to working with a community that shares in this value.


Why are you running for this office?

Right now the politics of human rights are being challenged for many communities. I believe that we are living in the ideal circumstance to incite change by advocating for the things that matter.


How will your skill sets and experience contribute to DA’s success?

Through my administrative background I have developed the kind of team player skills that have allowed me to pull up my sleeves. I believe that the flexibility it requires to do hard work where it is needed is an important asset to the success of any organization.


Should you be elected, are there any DA organizational or practical issues (not political goals) that you would like to address?

Not at the moment.


How can Democrats Abroad best raise our profile among American voters abroad and better work to elect Democrats?

By really engaging with the international community, I believe that Democrats Abroad can create a safe space for international voters to feel like they can express their needs and concerns in a community that will hear and understand them.


Endorsement from Katrina B. Smith 

It is with great pleasure that I write you today to endorse Renee Clarke for International-Secretary in the upcoming Democrats Abroad elections. I have known Renee for several years after we initially met at an International Business Lunch event in Milan, Italy. From the moment we were introduced, I noticed how approachable she was and her ability to quickly forge relationships with new acquaintances. 

In fact, Renee’s move to Italy demonstrates her aptitude not just in bringing people and familytogether and creating a sense of community, but also her resilience and determination. These two values are distinctive and increasingly rare qualities in today’s frenetic society where it is easy to be distracted by surroundings and digital environs. Instead, Renee’s is immediately responsive to others’ needs and focuses her efforts to work towards solutions and positive outcomes both in personal and professional spheres. 

I believe Renee is a strong candidate for the role of International Secretary because of her approachability, integrity and dedication to community. In addition, she is a connector and problem solver that is always ready for a new challenge. 

I strongly endorse Renee’s nomination and I hope that I've displayed her capabilities and contributions effectively.

Thank you for your time.