Mexico Health Care #DAresists #Medicare4all

I have for 10 years been under the care of an ENT(Ear,Nose&Throat) specialist in Texas. I receive a Medrol injection every 8-12 weeks for Reactive Airway Disease. This cost $40.00 once my United Health Care Insurance Deductable has been met. When I moved to Yucatán I had to seek this routine injection from the Physicians that are located at the Ahorro Pharmacies. The Physicians are rotating Physicians, who are usually young and new in the field and I presume are fulfilling their residency or intern educational needs. They do an assessment and provide a Prescription that I hand carry next door to the Pharmacy and fill. I then return to the attached clinic next door and the physicians then administer the injection absolutely free of charge. I just pay for the medication and syringe. This is very cost saving as there are Ahorro Pharmacies all around the city, Merida. I have to drive one hour in Texas to access my ENT Specialist.