Another Health Story #DAresists #Medicare4all

My husband and I retired to Baja California, Mexico 10 years ago because we simply couldn't afford to retire in the US, especially since neither one of us had health insurance and had been without it for almost 20 years previously. We found that the Mexican socialist system of universal health care took care of all our needs. We have had two major operations here, performed skillfully by well-trained doctors, and paid cash for both of them - combined cost $18,000. Those operations in the US would have ruined us financially. We'd be bankrupt. Here's an important fact to note. There are millions of other senior citizens like us who have retired to Mexico and other Latin American countries. Every year we get our social security checks deposited in our bank accounts in the US. Then we go to the ATMs in these foreign countries and we withdraw that cash and spend it in these other countries, NOT IN THE UNITED STATES! Can you even begin to estimate how much of that money could be stimulating the American economy, instead of Mexico's? And most of it is because of the insanely high cost of medical care in the US. Add to that the low wages and poor prospects for owing your own home or retiring on an income that's affordable (the cost of food alone is at least 4 times higher in the US than in Mexico), and you have a truly nonfunctional system. It works great for the 1% at the top, but the rest of the country is going to hell - or to Mexico - and lest you think we are suffering here, let me assure you that we are living in a beautiful location that is much safer than our former home in the US. Not all stereotypes are true. That's our story. Thanks for listening.