Share your story of universal health care in France #DAresists #Medicare4all

My husband and I have lived in France for ten years. We couldn't ask for better healthcare than that provided here. A regular doctor's visit costs only the equivalent of $27.00. We pay approximately $2400.00 per year for the two of us and that is based on our income; this covers 70% of our healthcare expenses. You can also buy a supplemental private policy to cover the remainder. If you happen to have a chronic costly condition like cancer or in my case Macular Degeneration, all costs are covered 100%. Emphasis is placed on preventative care. Flu shots, colonoscopies, and mammograms are provided to all. Everyone in France pays for healthcare according to their income. Those that cannot pay are covered as well. Drugs are significantly less costly than in the US. Hospitals and clinics are extremely efficient and well-run. We have never had to wait for an appointment or treatment. American citizens deserve this same kind of healthcare. If they had a better understanding of how it works they would demand it.