Statement From The Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee: Enough With Allowing Senseless Gun Violence!

All elected officials have a primary responsibility of legislating for public safety. The record shows that Congress has not impressed in this endeavor.

From the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting to this week’s Odessa-Midland massacre, Congress’ inaction to pass meaningful gun reforms has contributed to allowing these tragedies to continue. The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee stands with those who recognize that the United States is long overdue in having modern laws in place to help prevent gun violence.

While we applaud the Democratic-led House of Representatives for uniting earlier this year to pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act and the Enhanced Background Checks Act, the Republican-controlled Senate, sadly, refuses to budge on the issue of Americans of all ages and every demographic continuing to be senselessly killed.

As Americans living abroad, we see the foreign perspectives of how the United States is being viewed in terms of gun violence. We know the U.S. is a welcoming place with caring communities and who unite in times of despair. We should not be the country with “enter at your own risk” travel warnings to international visitors.

From our Democratic colleagues in Germany to Canada to Mexico to all other parts of the globe, we’ve been paying close attention to legislative efforts on gun reform in the 116th Congress. Historians will not be kind to those members of Congress with blood on their hands who repeatedly opposed every piece of common-sense gun reform legislation.

To every member of Congress: do not be influenced by the lobbying arm of those who oppose common-sense gun reforms. Do the right thing and legislate to save your constituents’ lives. Each of you must be strong, clear, precise and timely with your voice; we will hold you accountable with our collective votes from abroad.