Support the EPA's Clean Power Plan

Have you signed up for Elizabeth Warren’s talk this Sunday? Take a second and RSVP now if you haven’t.

In other news, our thoughts are with our families and friends recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose. We all have favorite charities to give to, so I won’t send another list. If you have a moment though, consider working on the DA tiny action of the week: please call Congress and ask that they support the EPA's Clean Power Plan. If Fox News asks - no, it is not too early to talk about climate change.

Speaking of which, if you missed last Friday’s webinar on climate change with Karla Raettieg from the League of Conservation Voters, definitely check it out. Karla is a very knowledgeable speaker and talked to us about several ways Americans abroad could help make a difference back in the US on this important topic.

Interested in hearing how other country committees spent their summer (and what they did with all of those postcards?) Check out Aloka Barthel’s story on our news feed about a few of the Resistance Summer postcard grant participants.

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 Save the Date

  • Online vote on the Resolution Proposing the Adoption by the Democratic Party of a "Compact with the American People For Election Reform – September 15 (over a 24 hour period)
  • Elizabeth Warren webinar – September 17, 9:30 am DC time
  • Taxation webinar with Carmelan Polce – September 22, 9am DC time
  • (Inter)National Voter Registration day – September 26, all day