Thank you for Marching for Our Lives

What a weekend! Hundreds of members rallied in March for Our Lives events around the world. It was fantastic to hear from our virtual marchers too. The New York Times, Huff Post and Twitter were the biggest promoters of our actions, with many smaller media agencies mentioning DA as well. Thanks to every organizer for your massive work, and to marchers for getting out there! And many thanks also for your social posts. #votefromabroad posts on Twitter from last weekend have reached nearly 1.3 million people so far!

Are you going to be in London, UK in April? If yes, please sign up for the Tom Perez reception on April 26th. This is a fundraising event for our study abroad outreach work and a great opportunity to meet with Chairman Perez to hear his thoughts on the future of the party. 

A month later, on May 25th, we'll be meeting in Tokyo, Japan for the Democrats Abroad Annual General Meeting. For more information on the meeting, visit the beautiful website made by the DA Japan team!

The Tiny Action for this week encourages Americans abroad to make sure we are registered, and warns of state voter roll purges. States such as Wisconsin are deactivating hundreds of thousands of voter registration records so we urge everyone to pay attention to this issue.