Huge Thanks to Thousands of Tax Survey Participants

Democrats Abroad would like to thank everyone who completed our 2019 Non-Resident Taxation Survey. This information will be used to advocate for congressional reform to relieve burdens of taxes, banking, reporting, securities and laws that specifically discriminate against Americans living abroad.

It is clear that Congress needs to better understand the Americans abroad community. In order to bring legislators to an understanding of citizenship-based taxation, we need to educate them about who we are and how we are affected by discriminatory tax policy.

Next month, Democrats Abroad will visit Capitol Hill to relay the survey data to Congress, offering evidence of how the current tax system restricts Americans living abroad in regards to tax filing costs, banking, and investing in our countries of residence. We will do the same in May to ensure they hear our voices from abroad.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email: Your support for this research and for Democrats Abroad's tax reform efforts is deeply appreciated.