Tiny Action: Don't Be Disenfranchised in 2018

We can’t overstate the importance of registering to vote this year, which is why we’re asking again that you request your ballot (if you haven’t already) and that you spread the word among American friends and family.

Why? Because voter disenfranchisement is a genuine concern, and the best way to combat this is to register as early as you can - even if your state primaries are months away.

Even if you're a registered voter, your state is only required to send a ballot if you request it that calendar year, and sending in the form protects your ballot from challenge at the federal level in case of a recount. Don’t be disenfranchised; every vote matters, now more than ever!

This week’s Tiny Action: Go to VoteFromAbroad.org, fill out the form to request your 2018 ballot and send it in NOW. Then help us spread the news.

  1. Click “start here” from the VoteFromAbroad homepage to fill out the required fields, and follow the prompts to complete your form.
  2. Don’t forget to send in your ballot request once you have completed it. You will be instructed on whether your state allows ballot requests to be submitted electronically, or if you must mail in by post.
  3. Don’t be disenfranchised! Contact your Local Election Official to verify they received the form and will be sending out your 2018 ballots. Find your LEO here.
  4. Spread the news. Tell your Facebook and Twitter followers that you’ve registered to vote using VoteFromAbroad.org and ask your American friends, family and colleagues to do the same.


Questions about the primary?
Our FAQ specifically for primaries can be found here.

Still have questions?
Contact gotv@democratsabroad.org or visit VoteFromAbroad.org to explores schedules, deadlines and ballot requirements.



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